„Life is an adventure. Take risks.“

I hope you had a good start into the new year. 2016 was a great year with up and downs as life will always be. I learned so much and the most important: I had a lot of fun! I wanna share with you one of my joyful times with my best friend in Cappadocia.

I visited her in Istanbul and then we decided to go to Cappadocia – which was the best idea ever! Cappadocia is a place located in Central Anatolia Region of Turkey. It was so fascinating to see all those volcanic peaks and rocks. I don’t want to bore you with the historical background. I actually want to because it is sooo interesting. BUT maybe you’re not as much interested in that part as I do, so I’ll keep that for me. If you’re interested please google it – You’ll not regret it. I promise!


#1 RENT A CAR – if you want to be flexible and see a lot of places, you definitely have to rent a car before you arrive at the airport. Mostly all cars are taken if you’re too late. 

#2 HOT-AIR-BALLOON FLIGHT – this was the best experience I’ve ever made! No matter if you have fear of heights, do it! It is not so scary as you imagine! 

#3 VALLEY’s – Sightseeing of course! Visit one of the valleys or the Göreme Open-Air museum. Go to the Derinkuyu Underground City which is the deepest underground shelter in Cappadocia or enjoy the view at the heartshaped Nar Crater Lake (amazing!).

#4 FOOD – Try the famous meat and vegetable dish slow; cooked in a sealed clay pot. It’s called Testi Kebap. They bring the pot from the oven to the table and break the pot to open it. 

#5 CAVE HOTELS – I actually don’t know if there are any „normal“ hotels but make sure that you’ll stay in one of the cave hotels. We were at the „Doors of Cappadocia“ and everything (room, staff, breakfast, …) was just perfect. 

I definitely recommend a trip to Cappadocia. The people are friendly and the views are amazing. Take a journey ‚cause it will change your way of thinking. This will sound overstated, but this trip has changed my life. 

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